• Seneca Basoalto

I am the l o v e r.

I am the lover that will consume you whole, just as you are, filled with lies and guilt, suckling the impressions of your esoteric past your lack of future your selfish present your ugly name and all its consonants, constantly breeding atop my tongue / I paint you in cells / I am the lover who is hungry, hungry, henceforth hindered by your morning breath pocketed in the corner of my mouth / don’t you dare shower! / undo your hair, stand there and wear your humiliation like a wedding gown.

Show me where your weeds are and my soles will stomp them out / I am the lover who is a fighter who will point fingers at your mother and shame the seven syllables of her callous anthems / I am unlike other lovers / I am THE lover, I don’t believe in boundaries and I will cradle you as if you are a newborn baby, I am the lover that sees you gorge your weight in sugar and I will peel back your skirt and sniff cocaine from your stretch marks / blow smoke rings from your snot and lick your influenza, I am the lover who is dirty and in denial / and you will want me still / I will look like you talk like you write like you become just like you in any way that you want me to be, you cannot stop me from begetting your blood / but I will always be

The lover that wears their disgrace like armor / I will debase you, erase you, rebirth you, forgive you, infect you, accept you, share shame like I’ve kept you, hold you, unfold you, turn black into gold when you smear your harassment all over my void /

Tell me where your demons hide and I will eat them a l l o v e r.

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