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Seneca Basoalto is an Iberian American poet and lifelong lover of the arts with a background in the backstage music scene. Through the years she has adapted these enigmatic experiences as a way to share her stories while fueling the evolution of her craft. Whether it's poetry, prose, essays, or her controversial novella - Seneca's audacious temperament and bisexuality can be seen influencing the attitude and graphic magnetism of her diverse range of literary work.

Currently, her poetry and flash fiction have been published in England, Scotland, Australia, and America - with her upcoming poetry anthology set for a March '21 release. 

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Open Book

You didn't say I love you / you said

Stay warm under the eiderdown, I'll fix breakfast.

I made you coffee, extra cream, two sugar cubes.

Let me read you Voltaire while you take a hot bath.

Wear your jumper, there's a chill in the air this morning.

You didn't say I love you / but I knew

because you always painted flowers on my back

on days I couldn't explain why I was so sad.



Seneca's work is thought provoking, passionate, and timeless. She has a way of telling a story that makes you feel less like a reader and more like a ghost; invisible to the characters while watching them and observing their lives. Seneca writes in a way, that even when taken out of your comfort zone, you can’t put the story down. Her work stands with the likes of Easton-Ellis and Palahniuk, serving mind bending plots and twists that you won’t soon forget.

Nik Harr, Rapid City

Sometimes delicate, often daring, Seneca's writing lures you into her interpretation of the world, making you feel as if you're reflected in her narrative. If you let them, her words will strip you down until all of the desires you disguise and compulsions you neglect are revealed. Her writing is both intricate and intimate as if you are watching it unfold center stage at a recital of her confessions.

Desmond LeNore, London

Seneca doesn't shy away from laying all her cards out onto the table. She plays the hand she's been dealt and even when she doesn't win, she still succeeds. She is consistently deliberate and thoughtful with her language, and takes great care and consideration when it comes to what message she wants to illustrate, as well as what emotion she wants to stimulate. 

Suki Zulu, Queensland


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